Detailed Course Itinerary

The courses are both lecture and small group based with personalised attention to all participants.

Our course is primarily based upon ensuring you perform to your maximal potential at interview for Medical School. The tutors having sat on numerous Medical school interview panels are well qualified to ensure you have the right skills to succeed.

Selection processes at interview can vary greatly between universities. However, all medical schools are searching for "Tomorrow's Doctors" and they are all seeking the same vitally important skills and attitudes.

This is a one day course which will ensure you have the correct grounding, outlook and core knowledge to sell yourself and succeed at your medical school interview.

We do not "coach" candidates to give specific answers, rather we encourage them to develop their own answers. We provide them with the tools needed to apply their knowledge and experiences to any given scenario, enabling them to deal with unexpected questions on the day.

What We Will Cover

Lecture room

We introduce you to a typical interview environment.

We explore the types of medical interview questions you will be asked. Such as:

  • Why medicine?
  • Why should we select you?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Tell me about the new structure of medical training?

We cover topics such as body language, ethical issues, and try to challenge your assumptions and preconceptions about Medical School Interviews and the medical profession. Our session titles include:

  • Interview Formats
  • Personal Questions
  • Appearance and Dress
  • Questions on Personal Statement
  • Body language
  • Core Knowledge
  • Ethical Scenarios and Lateral Thinking

We also carry out small group sessions through the day to ensure that candidates are given the opportunity to practice their own answers to questions and improve their interview technique and confidence, with feedback on their performance.

Each one-day lecture series includes:

Copy of our comprehensive lecture notes on how to succeed in your medical interview, a buffet lunch, morning and afternoon coffee/juice breaks.