Medically Minded

Surgeons at work

Are you applying for medical school in the UK?

Obtaining a place at medical school is a very competitive process. The offer of an interview proves your academic ability to study medicine, but there is still much competition at the interview stage. Only the most enthusiastic and able candidates are selected. How do you demonstrate your abilities to the interview panel?

That is where Medically Minded comes in. We offer comprehensive courses aimed at honing your interview skills by providing candidates with the expertise, knowledge and understanding necessary to reach their full potential at interview, ensuring that you have the best possible chance of succeeding.

Our course is designed for A-Level students & prospective graduate applicants. The course is taught by doctors who have extensive recent interview experience and have sat on numerous interview panels for entry into Medical School. We have unique insight into medical school interviews and the common failings at interview, therefore we can help you to shine.


An early booking discount is available if booking 4 weeks prior to the course. Thats £149 £124 - Book now!!!